The International Unicycling Federation does not support performance enhancing drugs in sport and strives for clean competition (IUF rulebook 2019 section 1B.1) .  Adhering to the world anti-doping code is the athlete's responsibility. As an elite athlete in the sport of unicycling, you need to know what is going into your body. The use, attempted use, or possession of prohibited substances will result in disqualification from competition and may result in ineligibility in future unicycle competitions for up to four years. 

Accidental doping is a real thing. Here are some general things to be aware of:

Dietary Supplements

Dietary supplements may contain ingredients, including ones not listed on the label, that are prohibited. The US Anti-Doping Agency recommends avoiding dietary supplements or sticking to supplements that have been certificated by an independent third-party.

Over the Counter Medications

Some common over the counter medications are included on the prohibited substance list. Just because a medication can be purchased without a prescription, does not necessarily mean that it can be used before or during competition. Rules around individual substances vary. Some may be tolerable at certain dosages, while others may be not be allowed at any dosage.

Prescription Medications

If you take prescription medications, talk to your doctor / pharmacist and tell them that you practice a sport and explain your level of practice -- for example, that you are planning on participating in elite competition. Unicon 21 does not require a Therapeutic Use Exemption prior to competition. However, in the event of a doping test, you must declare any medications you have taken in the past seven days PRIOR to competition.

Additional Resources

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Last Updated: August 23, 2023