Bag Policy

We currently only have a bag policy from Sanford Center.

Sanford Center Door and Bag Policy

Events held at Sandford: Street, Flat, Trials, Speed Trials, Jumps 

For security purposes, Unicon 21 will be using two different entrances to the Sanford Center, each having their own bag policy. The Convention Door (lakeside door) will be used by all registered participants, both competitors and non-competitors. This door will require a Unicon 21 wristband. Those using the Convention Door are able to bring in any types of bags, but may not bring in any type of food. 

The Arena Door will be used by those who are not registered for Unicon and will be purchasing event tickets or watching one of the free events. Those using the Arena Door must comply with Sanford’s bag policy*; no food will be allowed to be brought inside. 

*All bags brought into The Sanford Center are subject to be searched. The Sanford Center will not hold any bags during an event, bags must be returned to the guest’s vehicle. Guests are permitted to bring in only (1) bag. A clear, stadium bag that is no larger than 12″x6″x12″. Clutch bags (5″x9″ or smaller) that have a single over the shoulder or cross body strap made of canvas, nylon or leather materials are permitted. Diaper and medical bags are allowed and are subject to inspection by Sanford Center Staff or Security when entering the Sanford Center or at any time while inside the facility. Bag policy subject to change based on event.

Last Updated: June 7, 2024