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Unicon is more than just the unicycling world championships. It is a time for us passionate one-wheelers to get together and celebrate our love of this unique sport, and to connect with riders from around the globe!

This Unicon we are planning to amp up the fun side of things, and all of you are key to making this happen either by participating in a workshop, or running one!

If you have a workshop idea, or see one in the list that you would like to help out on, then please do reach out to us!

Submit this form to send us any ideas or suggestions you might have for this coming Unicon.

Do I need to be registered to participate in Unicon workshops?

Yes, you need to be registered as a competitor or non-competitor to participate in the workshops. There are some exceptions to this rule and those are indicated in the individual workshop.

These links often go to a Google Doc. If you are unable to view the information, please email us at

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Last Updated: June 11, 2024