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Road Racing involves racing unicycles over long distances, usually on roads and cycle paths.There are two types of road events -- the "fixed-distance" and the "free-distance" races. The fixed distance race this Unicon is set at 10km. They are run on a generally flat, uniform course to allow comparisons between events. In the free distance race, terrain and distances are variable, which allow organizers to make best use of local geography. 

In lieu of a marathon, Unicon will host a "Loop the Lake" race around Lake Bemidji. Lake Bemidji has a 17 mile (27.4 km) path around its perimeter, the site of the town's annual "Loop the Lake" ride and festival. The IUF rulebook states that Unicon must hold two road events, only one of which must be a fixed distance event. Because looping the lake is a Bemidji tradition, the Unicon 21 team decided to host a distance event that will loop the lake twice (34 miles; 54.7 km), in place of the marathon. This distance will abide by the IUF rulebook, and also incorporate local tradition and push competitors to go further.

In each race, there are two unicycle categories -- "standard class" and "unlimited class." The standard class is defined by wheel size (eg 24 Class and 29 Class), with limitation on crank length and transmission. The unlimited class has no limitation on wheel size, crank length or transmission, so competitors are free to choose whatever gearing they wish to use.

Unicon typically has three road events, and the Unicon 21 team has decided to include a traditional North American Championship (NAUCC) event - the criterium. A criterium (also called a "crit") is a short road event that is characterized by its tight turns and agility elements, such as the ability to take a 180 degree turn, then quickly accelerate. This event can be completed in either a standard or unlimited unicycle category. The criterium is a favorite at NAUCC, and the Unicon 21 team is excited to bring this event to the Unicycle World Champtionship.

Last Updated: June 7, 2024