Mandatory Safety Gear

Street Rules Announcements

Street riders emphasize smooth riding and creativity while riding obstacles such as ramps, stairs, grind boxes, rails, and more. In general, Street can be performed in an urban environment using urban structures and obstacles; however, at Unicon, riders will use a unicycle-specific skatepark. During the competition, the riders can use the whole course as they want, performing their best tricks while maintaining flow and consistency. They are judged on several criteria, including the difficulty and variety of tricks, style, flow, creativity, and consistency. After the prelim, 5 to 8 of the highest scoring riders will advance to the finals.

Street riding puts heavy usage on unicycles, so they are usually built very strong. The most common wheel size is 19” with a wide tire, however, some riders choose a 20” unicycle in order to have more speed and flow in their riding. For Street, both square and round-crowned frames are used depending on the rider’s unique riding style and favoured tricks.

Last Updated: June 5, 2023