Unicycle Movie Night

Leaders: Wout Chauvaux and Jelle Dillen

Schedule: Day 2, Monday, July 15 from 20:00 to 23:00

Type: Gathering

Time: 3 hours

Location: Sanford Center

Description: Unicycle enthusiasts will send videos in advance that will be premiered on a big screen for the general Unicon audience. It will be an evening dedicated to unicycling videos; we are going to broadcast unpublished videos specially designed for the occasion.

Who should attend: Competitors & Non-competitors willing to premiere or see unicycle videos

Language: English (if the video is in another language, the video should contain English subtitles)

Video Submission Rules:

You must have a Unicon 21 competitor or non-competitor pass

Deadline to submit video: July 1, 2024

-The video should not be longer than 3 minutes (If you need an exception to this rule, talk with them).

-The video needs to be in a landscape format.

-The video should not be published before the event.

-The video will needed to be downloaded beforehand via cloud links (like WeTransfer or Google drive).

-If you wish, you can publish it as a premiere on YouTube the same evening as the event.

How to submit a video:

Email your cloud link to unlimitedunicyclecrew@gmail.com with the title of your video, a short summary of the rider(s) and/or team in the video and – if applicable - some background information about the video. Include as topic: ‘Unicon Movie Night – Name’ with as name the name of the video or rider/team.

Maximum number of people: No Limit, it also open to the general city population.

About the leaders:

Wout and Jelle are Belgian urban unicyclist from the Unlimited Unicycle Crew that mainly ride Flat and Street. Wout Chauvaux mainly focused on street riding and recently won the street comp at both summer and winter euc! Jelle started riding in 2010 and has been riding ever since, this unicon will be his third. 

Last Updated: May 21, 2024