Muni Practice Day - July 15, 2024

There will be a practice day at the Muni location. Bus and lft tickets are available on the registration page. Bus will be $45, lift ticket is $39.

Mandatory safety gear

Optional safety gear

Muni includes four different competitions:

The first three competitions are off-road races where multiple waves of unicyclists try to cross the finish lines within the fastest time.

During the downhill race, riders have to ride a downslope of high difficulty. During the uphill race, they have to ride an upslope of high difficulty. Cross country is a mix of downhill and uphill where slopes are of moderate difficulty.

Cyclocross is unlike the other races: artificial obstacles are laid on the circuit and riders have to overcome them, and may unmount to run. The winner is the one who has completed the most laps within the given time.

Last Updated: August 23, 2023