The Sanford Center presents

July 14 - 26, 2024

Why Bemidji?

After considering several options from across the United States, Bemidji was hand-picked as the location best able to create the ideal Unicon experience. Click here to see why Bemidji (pronounced “buh-mi-jee”) is “the perfect little host city you’ve never heard of.”

What is Unicon?

Join us this summer for the 21st Unicycling World Convention and Championships! Following memorable Unicons in South Korea and France, competitive unicyclists from around the globe will gather in the United States. Over 1,200 athletes are expected to compete and take part in twelve full days of convention activities and social events. An overview of Unicon and the six competitive unicycling disciplines can be found here.

The Schedule

The Schedule is ready to go! You’ll find it here, along with the up-to-date locations for each event. All competitions are open to the public; spectators are encouraged and welcome to attend. (A small entry fee will apply for certain final competitions.) 

Land Acknowledgement

We acknowledge that Unicon 21 is hosted on land and water that is the current and ancestral homeland of the Anishinaabe (Ojibwe) and Dakhóta (Dakota) peoples. They have been on these lands since creation, and it has been a place of life, community, and sustenance for them in that time.

Colonialism has greatly impacted these people. Treaties that were made, and often broken, between the United States and the Indigenous nations continue to impact these communities today. The Indigenous nations have suffered genocide at the hands of our colonial ancestors, and this is just as true today as it was a hundred years ago. They continue to experience the impacts of the atrocities that their people went through.

We recognize the enduring presence and resilience of the Anishinaabe and Dakhóta people, and their contributions to this land.

We also acknowledge that colonialism is not just a historical process, but an ongoing one, and we commit ourselves to the continuous support of Indigenous sovereignty and cultural practices.

We invite participants of Unicon to learn about these people, their culture, and their history during your time here.

We also recognize that actions speak louder than words. If each and every one of us made a single donation of $1 towards supporting Indigenous sovereignty, then we could be taking a step in the right direction. Should you wish to make a donation, the Native Governance non-profit organization is a local non-profit dedicated to assisting Native nations in strengthening their governance systems and capacity to exercise sovereignty.

We are grateful for the opportunity to hold Unicon on this land, and we honor the Anishinaabe and Dakhóta people who have cared for it through generations. As we enjoy this event, let us remember the responsibility we have to respect and protect the lands and cultures of Indigenous peoples.

Unicon 21 will be organized in partnership with the Unicycling Society of America.


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Last Updated: July 11, 2024