Unicon 21
The World Unicycling Convention and Championships

Unicon 21 - Summer 2024 - Minnesota, United States

Unicon, the World Unicycling Convention and Championships, will take place in Minnesota in 2024. Unicon 21 will mark the return of Unicon to the United States after 22 years.

There are nearly 40 different events at Unicon, including mountain unicycling, team sports, individual and group artistic, freestyle, and road racing.

Nearly 2,000 competitors from 50 countries attend Unicon and the event takes place over the course of two weeks. Unicon 21 will be the follow up event to a wildly successful Unicon 20 in Grenoble, France.

Unicon XXI will be organized in partnership with the Unicycling Society of America

UniUSA is the governing body of Unicycling in the United States. Their site is at https://uniusa.org/

More Information to Come

Information including dates, lodging, registration details, and competition coming winter 2022.